Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oprah with Skype Cameras in Public Spots Scares Me to Diet and Better Fashion

I'm working right now and Oprah's on in background. She's promoting Skype, which she loves, with her show "Where in the Skype are you?" recorded before Mother's Day. She started talking to this guy in Best Buy somewhere, maybe downtown Chicago, and it cracked me up when he realized Oprah was talking to him from the wide screen TV on display.

She asked if they could use the video on the show. He said, "Hell yeah!" Watch the video here.

Anyway, I think this show, more than any of her Live Your Best Life shows or even her confession that she was embarrassed about gaining weight, has encouraged me to get skinny, always wear make-up when I leave the house, and dress better. I'd hate to be walking through the Rouse's or something and discover I'm on national TV. Don't know how long this fear will last, but if I leave the house tonight, I'm gonna look like a model.

2 comments: said...

Hi there!

This is hilarious! I didn't realize that Oprah did that!


msladydeborah said...

I'm curious to see if Sype's popoularity increases after an endorsement from Oprah.