Friday, May 8, 2009

OSF: Soul Train Memories

Old School Friday's taking the Soul Train. My posting's quick. First, Rufus peforming "Tell Me Something Good." I loved them when they first came out and have continued to be a Chaka Khan fan. The first time I saw the group on television, they appeared on Soul Train, but I'd already bought and worn out the first album before I saw them. I stayed in the record store.

Next, I wanted to include the Soul Train dance line, and this one happens to have folks dancing to War's "Ballero," (a War fan too) and then Joe Tex comes on with "I Gotcha" which we heard a lot on the radio down here. Listen to the words. He's holding a woman to her words. :-)

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Martin Lindsey. said...

You can never ever go wrong with Chaka.

Joe Tex must have been very popular. This is the second time I've seen this one today but I don't know that I've heard his name before. I knew Bump No More but not the artist's name.

And War's Ballero is a new favorite for me. I love the Spanish pronunciation (Bi - Ehr - O). I can't think of a better multicultural band besides maybe Heatwave.

Thanks for the great hit list! Happy OSF.

Revvy Rev said...

I'm serious. I almost chose this Rufus and Chaka selection and abandoned it in an unsuccessful attempt to find Joe Tex. But it turned out good for me as I ended up right where I should have. I'm with you on these picks. Happy OSF!

PPR_Scribe said...

Can barely type for jamming, VP!

I like the second clip--I love the couples who looked as if they planned how they would dance together instead of just each doing her/his own thing.

And I had forgotten about Joe Tex! Epic win w/that one: Funk-kay!

Happy OSF!

Mz.Bria2U said...

CHAKAAAAAAA!! she puts my soul at total ease! You made excellent choices...i too have Joe Tex soul train lol great minds...

Hey Shae! said...

Although I love me some Chaka Khan and Rufus, Joe Tex is classic! That's a great find. :)

Hagar's Daughter said...

Soul Train sure did take us on the hippest trip in America.

I remember watching with my sister while eating leftover biscuits from breakfast and drinking koolaid. The good ol' days.

Happy OSF - Peace, Love, & Soul!!!!

Villager said...

Excellent choices. I think that the Joe Tex clip is the best that I've seen this week...

peace, Villager

Good and plenty said...

Records stores - ah, I'm going to have to blog about that. I've been writing about the one I grew up with in a young adult novel I'm writing.

Chaka - big voice, voluptuous mouth, serious hips, fierce afro! I remember this well. Check out my husband's internet radio - he has several streams, one of which is old school (

Regina said...

AWESOME!! I am excited that this is the second Rufus & Chaka posting this afternoon! You can never go wrong with Chaka!!