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Roman Catholic Priestess and Handshake Man vs. Secret Service Letter Delivery

Brenda Lee, the "reporter" aka "Roman Catholic Priestess" who wanted to give President Barack Obama a letter explaining that God is against gay marriage, said in a column at the Georgia Informer that she wouldn't have been dragged off if she had been a white, male clergy member. Her behavior sent up a red flag with the Secret Service to whom she tried to give the letter while waiting for Obama at the Los Angeles airport, LAX. (Thumbnail photo by Ut/AP)

Perhaps in years gone by, Lee would not have been dragged off, especially if she had been as crafty as "Handshake Man" aka "Rev. Richard Weaver," but even he was finally caught, and possibly told to stay out of Washington, D.C. for a while. Do you remember "Handshake Man"?


BY Helen Kennedy Richard Sisk Kenneth R. Bazinet Thomas M. DeFrank

Friday, January 21th 2005, 7:16AM

WASHINGTON - The third time was not the charm for "Handshake Man."

The Rev. Richard Weaver is famous for slipping by inaugural security in 1997 to shake Bill Clinton's hand and again in 2001 to hand George W. Bush a note urging him to "stand for Christ daily."

Weaver told reporters that God ushered him through security to deliver the Lord's message to the Presidents. The Lord apparently found a new messenger. Weaver was arrested on an outstanding warrant yesterday as he tried to get through a checkpoint near the Capitol. Helen Kennedy. (NYDN, 2005)
In follow up news stories it was reported that Handshake Man, who lives in Southern California, did not go to Obama's inauguration. He said, per WAPO, "I have decided to not do any more with presidents. ... (and) I've got one more year where I'm not allowed to go to Washington."

I said in my first post on Lee that Lee, while off her nut, was probably not a real threat. Airport Security "dragged her away" after she fell down like a 60s passive resistance protester. Had she not fallen out, they may have only escorted her away, but then we wouldn't have had the spectacle discussed worldwide, would we?.

It's possible that Lee could have been handled differently, but I've also read (not on any government site) that Secret Service agents may have had no choice but to refuse to take the letter from Lee, which you may read in the first post. She says the Secret Service told her to give the letter to a White House staffer, but she declined. Nevertheless, what I've read in various forums is that the Secret Service is not allowed to carry anything at all for anyone. That their hands must remain free in case they have to draw their weapons to protect the president. Again, I have not been able verify that via government documentation.

Unlike Lee, Handshake Man, now in his 60s, has been quiet lately. He did not go to the inauguration, but says he still got a message from God for President Obama:
... Weaver says, he was watching television when another message from God came to him. "The glory of the Lord has departed from the Democratic Party," Weaver says, reading from the message. "You have chosen a secular messiah. . . . You will see the Democrats take America farther down the road to insecurity."

Tough words, and Weaver says he's a little uncomfortable delivering them. He says he personally appreciates the positive vibe he feels in race relations since Obama was elected. "I just like the guy," he says. "I wouldn't vote for him; that doesn't mean he's a bad guy."

But a message of God must not be edited, he says.

Over the decades, Weaver has ministered to athletes and politicians through organizations he founded. He has pictures of himself with Clinton and both Bushes. He met Jimmy Carter.

At his sentencing in 2005, he said Secret Service agents had told him: "You're no problem to us, but you're making us look bad." (WAPO, 2008)
I can't vouch for Weaver's messages from God, but what he says the Secret Service told him, that he was making them look bad, sounds true. Consequently, he ruined Brenda Lee's chances to be a messenger from God to President Obama. The Secret Service has its divine message radar in full gear.

For anyone who has trouble getting my smile in this, I doubt either of these people have messages specifically from God for any president of the United States. Neither Lee nor Weaver are saying anything that any president couldn't learn by picking up a newspaper that tells the opinions of conservative Christians who, btw, also believe their opinions reflect God's message.

Now if either Lee or Weaver had said that on August 15, 2005, they were carted away by the Secret Service and prevented from telling President George W. Bush that New Orleans would be under water specifically by August 30, and they could prove they said that, then we'd have a diferent story. If that had happened, then Lee and Weaver would sound a wee less wacko.


underOvr (aka The U) said...


I'm saddened by those who claim alliegance to Christ and yet find comfort in partiality. During the eight years of the Bush administration, Christians were encouraged to pray for the President and his administration. Cool!Prior to that, the same voices urged the same prayers for Bill Clinton. If fact, I do not remember a time when Christians were not urged to pray for the President.

But now, there are messages from God flowing through the pipeline that have folks believing that President Obama is the Anti-Christ, a collaborator with terrorists and a Muslim extremist.

As I said, "I'm saddened by the constant display of resentment and disrespect shown by people who claim to love God".


Vérité Parlant said...

I understand what you're saying U, but some Christians are praying for Obama, even though they disagree with some of his policies. I've seen their blogs, and they seem to be sincere in reminding others that the Bible says pray for all leaders, not just the ones you like.

These claims that a new president is the Antichrist are not new. I remember seeing stuff that said Ronald Wilson Reagan, a very popular president, was the anti-Christ based on his first middle and last names having six letters each, 666, and when Reagan was almost assassinated but survived, the Antichrist-fixated people went wild.

When Bill Clinton was in office, some Christians wrote books claiming he was the Antichrist, and there were so-called documentaries on Christian stations saying Clinton was the Antichrist. George W. Bush has also been called the Antichrist, but rarely by the religious right. Usually it's people on the religious right who claim to know the identity of the Antichrist.

With Obama, they've pointed to his limousine being called "the beast", and said that proves he's the Antichrist, which makes me know these people don't read their Bibles as closely as they think they do because the Antichrist is not the one identified as riding the beast in the Book of Revelations. The Antichrist is called the beast and it's unlikely the entire world will worship a car. And then there are those who question Obama's birth and declare he's the Antichrist. Religious obsession plus politics can be a dangerous thing.

With all these presidential anti-Christs running around, it's a wonder Jesus has not returned. And yet, I'm sure there's some group on the planet that claims he has. :-)

I believe you are correct, that there are probably far more people who claim to be Christian saying Obama is the Antichrist than for any other president before him. Interesting how it falls that any president who disagrees with what they think the Bible says is the evil one.

Have you read some of the applause some people who claim to be Christian are giving the man who killed Dr. Tiller Sunday? They say abortion is murder and yet they applaud the murder of a man who has a wife and children because he performed medical abortions. If they were Muslims applauding an act of terrorism in this country, they'd be instantly put on a Homeland Security watch list. Ironically, if it came out they had been put on a watch list, they'd claim it was the end of the world and they were being persecuted.

Thank you for your comment.