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Stacy Head's emails, Tracie Washington's protest: Ain't no mess like a NOLA mess

Last year when I wrote about the off-duty cop pulling a gun in car line at the Treme Community Center, I intended to do a follow-up on New Orleans Councilwoman Stacy Head because I think she's out of her damned mind. But! I was sidetracked.

Back then she called Jerome Smith, the community center summer camp manager, a racist because of comments he made to the City Council while demanding answers on the car line incident. Head then threatened to cut funds to the summer camp, a program that serves black children in New Orleans.

Smith's opinion that "an officer responding to similar misconduct outside the Jewish Community Center in Uptown would have behaved differently" angered Head. Can you say stupid heifer?

She looked even more insane when she continued with the following last year:
Monday's memo, Head also alleged that Smith physically threatened her and other council members by saying that if he was not allowed to speak, they would not be sitting in those seats in a week.

Smith said that he was merely speaking of unseating council members through political protest. "We can come down there and march and take over that City Council," Smith said. "I've been beaten by the Klan, beaten in all sorts of instances. But no one has ever known me to punch or shoot or even spit at anyone," he said. (, 2008 article)
O.K., that was a memo she sent to the City Council and the mayor via email. Her current mess also involves email and is part of a battle between the mayor and the council and the media over transparency in government and public records.

Certain members of the council were fully in favor of releasing copies of Mayor Ray Nagin's emails, but when the requests turned on them, it was another story. Believe me, ain't no mess like a NOLA mess.

I'm no fan of Mayor Nagin, but I equally disapprove of Stacy Head. She needs to go. She's a drama queen with her antics and is embarrassing to city representation. I direct readers to her defense at WWL-TV of her now notorious emails made public by black Civil Rights attorney Tracie L. Washington.

Read more about Washington's court battle here.

Here's a descrpiption from aka The Time's Picayune of the kind of content that shows Head's true colors in her messages/emails that Washington publicized:
They contain disparaging references to City Councilwoman Jackie Clarkson and other public figures and an irate description of the allegedly extravagant purchases of a food-stamp recipient in line ahead of Head at a grocery. In the latter message, Head, a Democrat, threatens to vote for "the freak" Republican presidential candidate John McCain and his "trash bag" running mate, Sarah Palin. (
Ahh, so she's also a Dixiecrat at heart.

And I've updated this post to include a link to Library Chronicle's discussion of what's wrong with Stay Head's emails/text about people on public assistance making food choices in Wal-Mart.

Below is video of NOLA's dysfunctional city council in action. Watch and you'll get an inkling of why I think Stacy Head is a fruit loop.

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