Friday, May 1, 2009

Twitter's Aflutter with Google Rents Goats

I thought I was seeing things or that maybe Twitter was being punked with a "Google rents goats" tag, but the story's true. The official Google blog says the Internet giant is mowing its corporate lawn with goats.

Dan Hoffman, Director Real Estate and Workplace Services for Google said it's using goats at its Mountain View headquarters to reduce the corporation's carbon footprint and get a break from lawn mower noise.

The company's 200 rented goats come from California Grazing:
GOATS! We currently have 800 environmentally friendly, self propelled weed eaters for weed control and brush control, that are ready for your project. Goats eat thistle, brush, weeds and other invasive plants. Goat weed control and land management with goats is not only easy on the eyes and the environment but is also cost effective. Goats can remove dead weeds as well as live varieties. This minimizes weed spread, reduces fuel for fires and maximizes the growth of desirable vegetation while restoring ecological balance to an area and our weed abatement goats are ready for the job! (California Grazing website)
I looked up more on this goat business and last September Found in LA reported that 100 grazing goats were spotted in downtown Los Angeles. The goat picture here is from the Found in LA site, where you can see it larger.

"A city agency hired them to clear thick weeds on a slope next to Angels Flight at 4th and Hill streets. The scene delighted officer workers, who snap photos," reports the LA Times

Tech Crunch seems to have gotten the buzz going on this Google goats story and the writer has contacted PETA for comment.


msladydeborah said...

What a great way to go green!

This is really environmentally smart. It helps to keep the lawn trimmed and it feeds the goats.
Now let's just hope that there are no chemicals on the lawn!
Or the next thing you know we'll be hearing about goat flu.

Blue State Cowgirl said...

It's a Bay Area thing. We have to mow down tall flammable grasses to avoid fires during our very dry, long summers. With lots of acreage that can get expensive. Or you can hire a shepherd and some goats. Pacific Gas and Electric is doing this now. And the local Speedway has hired the competition: a shepherd dog who guards a flock of sheep. They operate under the name "Woolly Weeders".