Friday, May 29, 2009

Virginia Tech Beheading Case Closer to Trial

In January, when Virgina Tech grad student Haiyang Zhu allegedly decapitated a female graduate student from Beijing, China, Xin Yang, 22, I wrote about it but some of the grisly details had not come out. Today, the Roanoke Times reports with the picture in this post that Zhu's first degree murder charge has been certified to a grand jury.

The murder took place at an on-campus Au Bon Pain restaurant. It's popular on college campuses. A worker, Corey Cox, seems to have been present when Zhu beheaded Xin Yang and testified that he hid behind a counter and dialed 911. He said he heard "loud growl" from Zhu, who attacked Xin Yang with a knife, and according to Cox, Zhu remained very focused on removing the young woman's head.

An officer on the scene describes Zhu walking, holding Xin Yang's severed head by the hair. While it appears the alleged murderer and his victim had a personal connection, it's not clear whether they were romantically involved. Zhu was working on his doctorate in the school's "agriculture and applied economics program." Xin Yang, who had only arrived two weeks before, was working on a masters in accounting.

Read the Roanoke Times story here. The Associated Press has a longer version.

I shared my opinion on violence against women, avoiding stereotyping Asian men, and death by decapitation in my original post.


Dawn on MDI said...

good god. it takes my breath away. Will VT ever get time to heal before another tragedy? Why does it seem that the violence in our society seems to be getting more and more gruesome, more and more depraved, more and more animalistic. Perhaps we have begun to de-volve into lesser beings. it is discouraging and disheartening. said...

Hi there,

This story is just sooo gruesome! The man was clearly insane.... clearly....without any doubt. What is so shocking is that the insane can function so "normally" among us for such a long time and we can't detect their insanity?

What does that say about our own mental condition that we can't seem to recognize someone else's deteriorated mind who is in our midst? *shaking my head*

Sometimes we don't detect it ...other times we do and we don't do anything....

How many times have we just looked over at someone who was clearly unstable and we didn't take it seriously and didn't call the police? Does someone have to be decapitated before we stop shrugging our shoulders?

I read an article a year or so ago that a man on a Greyhound bus suddenly stood up and cut off a man's head in the seat in front of him and then stared at everyone on the bus while they were frozen in fear.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!