Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yo Mama's at Dickipedia and not Chickipedia

Before today I didn't know this website existed, a spoof of Wikipedia called Dickipedia that consists of, well, you figure it out. And I'm not talking about the male organ.

One clue for getting the gist of the site is the second definition of the word "dick" at the Urban Dictionary, where it means "an abrasive man." Some alternatives to the word "dick" in everyday conversation are a**hole, idiot, and jerk.

However, articles in Dickipedia may also be descriptions of people as if described by a dick as indicated by the the website's description of "Your Mom" and her alter-ego "Yo Mama." The latter is the woman who is insulted if you're "playing the dozens." The former is the woman you kiss on the cheek when you visit for Sunday dinner.

Speaking of "Yo Mama" and "the dozens," in 2005 Shawn and Marlon Wayans produced a Dozens game for mobile telephones so people could send insults "to friends." I don't know if they saw any success with it. It seems like something juvenile males might put on their phones, but I've known grown men to play the dozens face-to-face. I think most of them outgrow it by the time they're 40, if not sooner.

At Dickipedia, some of the people listed are Vice President Joe Biden, model Naomi Campbell, author Ann Coulter, comedian turned politician Al Franken, rapper Kanye West, not surprisingly, Rush Limbaugh, but also Santa Claus. So, you can see that Dickipedia is not limited to one gender, progressives, conservatives, politicians, entertainers, ordinary jackasses, or small waistlines.

I heard about Dickipedia through HuffPo, which I suppose highlighted the site for Mother's Day. The dick site, however, should not be confused with the chick site, Chickipedia, which I suspect was started by a group of dicks, and I mean the male organ or the men who think with them but still know how to make money. Both sites are owned by NextPoint LLC aka BreakMedia, which says it "knows guys." If you type in "," you will be taken to

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