Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Adam Lambert Knows How to Make an Outing

First, is it really big news that Adam Lambert is gay? No.

I remember when someone on Twitter the night of the American Idol finale challenged my comments that American homophobia may have sunken Lambert's chances to win American Idol. She had totally missed all the talk about Adam's sexual preferences online and possibly never took a good look at Adam because she didn't seem to see what other people saw and what Adam did not deny. My adult children, even the one who doesn't watch Idol, said, "Who wouldn't know this?"

Anyway, the young singer is not making the mistake Clay Aiken made by running from himself. He's out and about telling The Rolling Stone with no uncertainty that he's gay, that he had a crush on the very straight and married winner of Idol who was his roommate during the show, Kris Allen, something you can see in pictures of the two if you've paid attention, and that he doesn't want anyone, even Danny Gokey, pushing the Bible on him.

Read the story here, which includes video of Lambert doing the cover of the Rolling Stone. I'm not going to quote any part of it, go read it, especially the part where Lambert says he wants to be a singer not a civil rights leader and that's why he doesn't want too much attention on his sexuality. He also talks about working on a new album. You may enjoy this story with additional information at at MTV as well.

When I watched the Tony Awards this weekend and saw the actors in the revival of Hair and the current musical Rock of Ages, I kept thinking Lambert would probably love to be in either of those, singing his behind off, since he spent his youth in theater and has said he'd like to do Broadway and movies.

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