Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bo, the Obama's dog, gets baseball card, new scandal

According to the Christian Science Monitor, a scandal already swirls around presidential pooch Bo Obama's official portrait and newly released baseball card. That's right, a scandal. Will the Obama family ever get a break about this puppy?

This time the tongue-in-cheek flap is that John Cook of Gawker noticed Bo's favorite food, as listed on the baseball card, looked odd. It says Bo eats tomatoes, which are considered poisonous to dogs in large quantities, and so Cook doggedly checked the story with the White House.
“Bo does not eat tomatoes,” a spokeswoman for the First Lady told Cook.

“It was all a joke, they say. When Bo first came to the White House, back in April, Obama ad-libbed a little zinger to the press: ‘The only concern we have is apparently Portuguese water dogs like tomatoes — Michelle’s garden is in danger,’ he said.”

“So when the White House ginned up it’s latest propaganda campaign to foist Bo on the American people just like they’re doing with Communism, they inserted a little joke in there — ‘Favorite food: tomatoes — or toys’ — for the greater glory of the Anointed One, to remind us all how funny he is.”

Cook solved this one. Awards will certainly follow. (quote from the CS Monitor's amusing story via Cook's article)
The CS Monitor article continues and tells of another story about a different First Dog and controversy. Cook's original article at Gawker with the headlin--"Barack Obama is lying to you about his puppy"--is cute with its mock indignation.

But honestly, the Obamas have been through the wringer with dog. Remember the complaints that the dog wasn't a shelter pup? I wrote about that and heard from a vegan and animal lover who felt the Obamas had politically misstepped. She argued that President Obama should have told his daughters they would not get the dog he promised but a goldfish instead because making a statement about shelter dogs was more important. To this day I don't get the uproar and extreme passion of people who felt it would have been better for the Obamas to break a promise to their children and get no dog rather than reach the compromise they did about Bo.

Well, here's video of Bo in action, saying "no" to reporters.

In a different video, he seems to have gotten used to the people with the mics, sort of.

This dog needs his own YouTube channel there are so many videos up. And as expected, the Obama's choice of a Portuguese Water Dog has caused a spike in people wanting the breed.


msladydeborah said...

Oh the things on the minds of the "Christian" Elite!

Is there a shortage of news to write about? Because if Bo has become a major source of a scandal-then someone needs to get out a little more often...

What a cheap petty shot at the First Family!

It would be nice to have the creator of the article meet Bo in person. Then Bo can lift his leg and let nature take it from there.

PPR_Scribe said...

LOL @ MsLadyDeborah! Well, maybe the Obama family can add a new pet to play with Bo--a pet fly to appease the PETA folks. (lol)

Blue State Cowgirl said...

I second the motion that the writer of the anti-Bo article have to meet Bo in person. Then Bo can go all Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and "PEE ON HIM!"