Sunday, June 28, 2009

Janet Jackson Speaks at BET Awards on Michael Jackson

In possibly the only genuinely touching moment of the BET Awards tribute to Michael Jackson, his sister Janet Jackson was escorted on stage by host Jamie Foxx, and she said the following, which I tweeted:
"To you Michael is an icon. To us Michael is family, and he will live in all of our hearts." Janet Jackson BET Awards #twibet09 Touching
She also thanked the audience and the world for the love shown in the time of this time of grief, nearly tearing up.

Foxx said the show was a celebration of Michael Jackson's life, and he likened it to the New Orleans tradition of celebrating or having a parade when a person dies: "Cry when a soul comes into the world. Laughs when it goes out." It's true, we do have that tradition here, but the celebration is after the funeral usually; that's when we have the second line dancing and parade. Yet, I think we should celebrate Michael Jackson's life as an entertainer and philanthropist, remember what he's given to the world.

Many of the tweets I saw on Twitter did not give the show high marks. The highlight of the evening for me was the O'Jays performing their hits. The show, otherwise, was let down. I even wish Maxwell had sung something else, but I did enjoy him.

Nevertheless, the performers who were there keep talking about how emotional the event was for them. Perhaps it felt different to be there in flesh and blood, but whatever it was they felt for Michael Jackson, those emotions did not translate well to the viewing audience at home.

The performers continued patting themselves on the back during the after show because they put the tribute together in so short a time. I guess I'll cut some slack given the time factor, but really I think some of them need the Auto-Tune, the machine about which Jay-Z speaks in his song "Death to the Autotune." He performed it tonight, which in some ways is glorifying the inability to sing well.

I give Jay-Z props that it took some smarts to come up with the song, and the back-up singing "Na-na-na-na. Na-na-na-na. Hey, hey, hey. Good-bye" off key from Steam's "Kiss Him Good-bye" one of the greatest sing along songs of all time is a nice touch. Or maybe it's a swipe at Akon (plus rappers Jay-Z names) because Steam's song came out long before the Auto-Tune was created. But what a con, to sell people bad singing. I say that but on some level I like Jay-Z's "song" even though I will always like "Kiss Him Good-bye" more because I've got memories with Steam's song.

MrsGrapevine has updates of the BET Awards with pictures, which is where I found the Janet Jackson photo from the show. Here is a Twitter stream of just one of the BET Awards hash searches. You can also look at the tweets sent to the BET Awards producers on Twitter.

Plus, here is a screenshot of some of tweets exchanged about Beyonce's "Ave Maria" performance outfit:

And I saw much worse written on Twitter about Beyonce Knowles, but also people who only said how much they love her.

Generally, I like Beyonce, but I didn't care for her "Ave Maria" performance. She won the award for best video later, "Single Ladies," and that was deserved.


msladydeborah said...

I am sure that it was not easy for JJ to step out onto that stage tonight. Both she and Michael have graced it in better times.

The only performance I saw was Maxwell. I'm just happy to see him back to work.

Buffoon Entertainment Telelvision is a network that does not get much viewing time from me. I can't remeber the last time that I have sat and watched an entire award show.

I tuned in because of ya'll tweeting about it. But after Maxwell finished his song-it was a wrap for me.

Vérité Parlant said...

I think I've only seen two or three BET Awards show in my lifetime, and I watched this one like a person watches a train wreck.

Hagar's Daughter said...

VP said: I watched this one like a person watches a train wreck.

I couldn't have said it better. I sat with my mouth opened in shock and disbelief almost the entire night.

Is this the type of show that they've produced in the past when you've watched. I have never seen BET Awards and I didn't know what to expect. That's not true, I knew what to expect that's why I've never seen their awards show. I really think my system is in shock trying to process the show. Some are defending it as a good show with a medicore tribute to MJ because of his sudden and shocking demise.

So I tried to think about whether it was a good show if there had been no supposed MJ tribute and I nearly threw up. I may sound melodramatic, but I'm afraid. I haven't seen such dysfunction displayed in such a compressed amount of time in years at some other urban awards show.

I'm shutting up for now. Where is the talent? I'm going back to bed.