Monday, June 29, 2009

Laura Izibor says she's an Old School soul

WYLD's playing Laura Izibor's "From My Heart to Yours" like it's brand new, which to me it is. I had not heard this song until Friday, and I like it. When I looked up Izibor online, I found out the song was released in 2008. However, her new album, Let the Truth Be Told, was released last month.

I will be hitting Amazon later to preview and possibly add the album to my MP3 player. Actually, as I write this, I'm previewing some more of her work on her site and thinking, I'll probably buy it. Now I'm hearing "Mmmm." Definitely, I'm buying this.

In an interview with The Guardian in January, she Izibor calls herself "an Old School soul." She knows herself because when I heard "From My Heart to Yours," I thought, who's that. She sounds old school.

Wikipedia says she was born in May 1987, which would make her 22. Her website says she's 20. Based on an interview with the singer, I think her website needs updating. She's from Ireland, and is part Nigerian. According to Wikipedia, some of her music was featured on Grey's Anatomy, which I didn't watch much this year, and so I guess I missed that.

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