Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Matthews wonders how Michael Steele keeps his job

Saw this Chris Matthews video at HuffPo, and despite my personal decision to not write a blog post Monday, I decided at one minute after midnight to post Matthews railing against Republicans for criticizing President Barack Obama taking FLOTUS Michelle Obama on a date night to Broadway. The pundit wonders why Michael Steele still has a job if this is all the RNC can come up with, to criticize a president for being culturally invested, and I'd add being in love with his wife.

Republicans complain that Obama had the nerve to go on a date out of town while General Motors goes under as though Obama can do something about that after the train's left the station. Matthews notes that Republicans didn't complain about Bush's leaving D.C. often to cut brush and hunt on his ranch in Texas, exalting the joys of folksiness while snubbing intellectualism.

I guess the Republicans think we've forgotten that George W. Bush took more vacations than any other president in history and was out to lunch while New Orleans drowned.

Now that I've mentioned RNC chair Michael Steele, it seems a good time to say I listened to a lively debate on Dr. Michael Eric Dyson's radio show between Wayne Bennett aka Field Negro and black Republican Sophia A. Nelson, who says Steele is a friend but needs to change his strategy to woo African-Americans to the Republican Party. She got no argument on that one. However, the discussion heated up when she told Field Negro that she didn't care at all that America has tortured terrorists. Citing her experience with nationa security, she asserted the government could pull out terrorists' fingernails for all she cared.

Bennett, a firm believer that torture is wrong and illegal, didn't let that slide. He did not accept any premise that would allow torture, especially considering that torture does not necessarily work on trained terrorists, he believes, and that the people being tortured may not even be terrorists. Eventually Dyson asked for a time out on what he called "a food fight."


le0pard13 said...

It's amazing Steele still has that job. When Obama won the presidency, it was more than obvious what the RNC was attempting to exploit when Steele was appointed. Then, He-who-looks-fat-in-black began raising his voice to deter any widening of that party. Only wingnuts need apply, it seems. Their complain about everything the President does strategy displays their lack of ideas, or leadership for that matter. And thank you, VP, for bringing up Bush II's penchant for taking a vacation--especially, when things really were going to hell in a handbasket (and leaving it to his successor to clean up).

Also glad to hear that Mr. Bennett wouldn't let that absolutely stupid acceptance of 'torture as a tool' policy some ascribe to stand. It fails on so many levels: morally, practically (you get them to say what you want to hear--not the real intel you seek), politically (did it change any minds in the Muslim world? Yes, unfortunately against our nation, its aims, and what it stands for). And if there's any more wrong and oft-repeated phrasing by the news media, it's the description of waterboarding as simulated drowning. What crap! Thankfully, SERE instructor Malcolm Nance has debunked this. It is drowning--and clearly torture. And it's doubtful Ms. Nelson (and her views) has any respect among real national security professionals--with the exception of the political hacks who watch Faux's 24 series for pointers on protecting this nation.

Sorry for droning on. I must be cranky today. As always, thanks for the post, VP.

field negro said...

Yep, that's what it was; a "food fight", and I wish I had a pot of grits to throw. Just kidding. :)

Thanks for the shout out.

And I love your site.


msladydeborah said...

Hi VP,

I'll be back up to speed on Saturday!

I heard Chris make that comment. It really seems as if he is being set up to fail. Because he does not act like he is the RNC Big Dog.