Thursday, June 4, 2009

NOPD 9 Cleared under Grimes 'Could Have Been Shooting' Defense

I don't know how others feel, but this sounds crazy to me. Nine New Orleans police officers have been cleared in the shooting death of Adolph Grimes III. The young man was shot 14 times on Jan. 1 "outside his grandmother's house."

This week NOPD Superintendent Warren Riley said he feels sorrow about the death and that Grimes "appeared to be a young man of a good young man." Nevertheless, Riley's going with a pathologists opinion that the young man "could have been" shooting, and so, he's backing the officers.
Orleans Parish Coroner Frank Minyard said Mr. Grimes was shot 14 times, including 12 times in the back. Superintendent Riley says several shots hit Mr. Grimes' front. The superintendent said seven officers fired their weapons at Mr. Grimes. ( editorial, Jan. 4, 2009)
Grime's shooting death provoked protests in January. The young father, age 22, had no criminal record (I include that had no record for all the people who assume that if the police shoot you, then you must be a criminal.) He was approached by undercover cops who have been accused of not identifying themselves, and the pathologists report says Grimes had gunpowder residue, a .22 in his possession, and "wounds could be consistent with somebody running while firing a weapon."

Riley's cleared his officers, but the FBI is investigating.

This story is a good example of sometimes the only colors involved are blue and green as in police and dollars. Police officers throw up the blue wall to avoid paying lawsuit dollars. Riley is black and so are some of the police officers involved.

Police, firemen, military, and other kinds of "fraternities" and exclusive organizations fall into a mindset of organizational identification that surpasses all other allegiances, including ethnic identity and the law. They need that loyalty to work as a team and trust each other, but sometimes the organizational allegiance makes them operate no differently than any other gang. Read more on the Grimes finding at

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