Thursday, June 11, 2009

Twilight, True Blood, Where are Black Vampires?

With all the hype about Twilight, and as much as I love it, HBO's True Blood, two vampire tales that have made it from book to screen, black readers who enjoy a good vampire tale are asking, "Where are the black vampires?"

At Examiner I've written a two-part article. The first was "Is it Twilight or Dawn of the Black Vampire?" Part two is "The Indisputably Black Vampires of Jewelle Gomez, L.A. Banks, and Octavia Butler."

If I were covering film and not books, I may have continued with a quest to find the black actor who could be most like Robin Pattinson's Edward Cullen. However, black writers really should not promote the imitation of storylines from white writers. True, there's a certain amount of formula in most successful writing, but good writers always find a way to make the derivation all their own.

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Anonymous said...

One minor edit, it was a ROBERT that played Edward. And I agree, there is actually a creature in African folklore that is a vampire. If they do not include Black people in such stories, we must form our own tales and bring them to the screen.

But a bit more seriously to be on par, than Vampire in Brooklyn. Even though, I LOVED ViB. <3