Saturday, June 20, 2009

Twitter and Facebook Poll: Saying thanks for following, annoying?

Do you get notices from Facebook and Twitter or just check your page inbox or direct messages when you visit? Either way, how do you feel about people sending you notes such as "Thank you for friending me" (on Facebook or Myspace) or "Thanks for the follow" (on Twitter). Is it okay on Facebook and MySpace but annoying on Twitter?

Does it make sense to say "Thank you for following me" because it builds a rapport with other community members?

Now and then I hear complaints from people saying they don't like the thank you notes because the notes are simply insincere "buy me" plugs or visit my blog promos. Others say nonsense! If somebody found you interesting enough to follow, then maybe they want to know more about you. And some people think the "Thank you" notes are sweet when coming from people who seem sincere. "Besides," they say, "Twitter and Facebook are forms of social media. People should be social and that includes saying their 'thank yous'."

What's your opinion?

Here is a poll. Please select the answer that best reflects your feelings or thinking on the subject. And please leave an additional comment in the comments section if you have more to say on this topic. Either way, please vote!

Thank you.


msladydeborah said...


One of the concerns that I have about social networking is the impersonal nature of things.

You connect with an individual based on what you read on the screen about them. Without really knowing if it is true or not.

Even though you can chat (which I don't really care to do very often) it is not direct human contact.

Saying thank you to someone seems to make things seem more human.

Being polite doesn't hurt.

ByJane said...

I don't follow new people very much on Twitter. Every day I get a bunch of notices from people who are now following me. I go to their Twitter page and if they seem interesting/relevant/whatever I follow them back. Very few of those, however. I don't get this wholesale following of people on Twitter. It seems inane, juvenile and stupid to me to try to amass a huge number of followers. I'm not a particularly busy person, but geeze, don't these people have better things to do? Navels to contemplate? Novels to write?