Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who Wants to Live Forever? Queen in Midlife, O.K. Sometimes I Quote Myself

Just read a great post at Midlife Bloggers, "Eternal Youthfulness: Is it a Myth? Do We Even Want It?" by Elaine.

My comment on that:
What I think we really fear losing about our youth is the sense of excitement towards our unlived years; our thirst to do what we’ve only imagined. Life after forty smacks a lot of the same ole, same ole. (from the MLB post)
I’ve noticed this as well. Movie plots are all repeats, new novels are rarely novel or unique, and I’ve heard those jokes before. It takes work to keep the passion flowing and a zest for life, to dig yourself out of a rut. :-) But you also have the advantage of wisdom and being more discriminating about what seems new to you before you try it.

Would I drink? Writing on vampires recently puts a whole new twist on my thought process about that. And, while not a vampire show, a line from the Highlander theme by Queen keeps running through my mind, “Who wants to live forever? Who wants to liver forever?” Hmm. Eternal youth with eternal energy and fantastic health maybe great, but I wonder if the price would be to never learn the right lessons. Enjoyed the post.

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Somedays I'd welcome a quick end, and others, I wish I could gone on forever.

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