Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Buffy vs. Twilight's Vampire Edward, Trouble in the Morning

Fellow CE Liz Rizzo of Everyday Goddess, after reading my post "Twilight Vampires and The Return of Courtly Love" at, left me the link to this Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Edward Cullen of Twilight video mash-up. I needed this laugh.

Trouble in the Morning. I posted last night the updated version of the Courtly Love post from this blog, and when I got up this morning I learned I had made a mistake. I forgot to put "spoiler alert" in the title. Warning you now, don't go read the updated post if you haven't read the books and plan to and are the kind of reader who doesn't want to know any of the outcomes.

The original post here has no spoilers, I guess. Depends on who's reading it, I suppose.

Since someone who was kind enough to read the update pointed out to me that I have a spoiler in the update, a plot "twist" that I didn't think was all that twisty, I realized that I must be fair and add the words "potential spoiler" to the updated post's title. She, however, didn't seem too broken up about it.

When it comes to certain kinds of books or movies, I don't think the outcome is a surprise. Knowing love must triumph in a traditional romance novel or that James Bond always wins has never stopped me from reading a romance novel or seeing a James Bond movie. Take Harry Potter, for instance, do you think Rowling would take folks through all those books only to let Voldemort win? Oh, she has her twists alright, but no twist for the ultimate expected outcome. You read Harry Potter knowing what the outcome must be, but wanting to found out how, why, and at what cost to the characters you love.

An unexpected outcome at the expense of viewer or reader emotional satisfaction falls within the realm of literary and experimental fiction, which is why literary and experimental fiction doesn't sell as well as commercial fiction. Ordinary people have expectations that they don't want dashed.

Remember Stephen King's movie/story The Mist? Despite it being horror, despite it being King, people were still pissed because they wanted a more pleasant, hopeful ending, a Hollywood ending.

Now, if it's a movie like The Sixth Sense or The Others, then well, I absolutely understand that people don't want to know the big twist. If it's a mystery thriller, I know folks don't want me to tell them whodunnit either. But, if you wait too long to see movies like either of the two movies mentioned, if you put off reading DaVinci's Code, shouldn't you expect to bump into a revelation of content?

Nevertheless, I will have to be more sensitive to the spoiler sensitivities of others in the future even in formula fiction. Twilight is formula fiction, in case you didn't know that. It's a variation of a reliable standard of which the overarching plot remains basically the same: Girl meets mysterious stranger. Girl and stranger fall in love. The pair face enormous obstacles. Then ...

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le0pard13 said...

VP, I agree with much you have to say here in your blog post (plus that's one very funny vid). But, I have to respectfully disagree with regards to The Mist movie reference (and only on that). It's lengthy, so I posted it here. As always, thank you.