Monday, July 6, 2009

CNN Blogger Bunch on Sarah Palin's Resignation

Fellow blogger Jill Miller Zimon of Writes Like She Talks was on CNN today for the Blogger Bunch. The hot topic was Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's unexpected resignation from the governorship after only 2.5 years in office. It's a puzzle I've been mulling over here at WSATA.

I watched the discussion and it seemed no one on the panel thought Palin's jumping ship was a great strategic move if she wants to be POTUS one day. Here's video.

Also, the Blogger Bunch discussed the FBI's announcement that it's not investigating Palin.

Time magazine gives 5 best explanations for Palin's resignation. One of observations in both the Time article and the CNN segment is that Palin may be looking for more exposure.


Dawn on MDI said...

I would very dearly like to think that this move means we won't have to hear any more from that font of stupidity for a while, but somehow, I doubt that. Too many men in America want to masturbate to her image for Faux news to not sign her on... sigh. And we wonder why the whole world is surpassing us in technology, science, education, health care, and every other important measure. Yeah. Bleh.

Jill said...

Thanks very much for posting the video and commenting. This is a situation where, in fact, empathy, of all things that some conservatives or Republicans would like us not to think about, actually is needed when analyzing what's going on. I wish her well - have never wished her otherwise - but as a leader, as my leader, as my country's leader? No where on my lists, no where.