Saturday, July 4, 2009

Former NFL QB Steve McNair, 36, Shot to Death

I heard this news earlier today but didn't believe it because while I don't know much about Steve McNair, I knew he was younger than the natural dying age. Steve McNair, a former MVP and NFL quarterback, and a female in her 20s whose name has not yet been released by authorities were shot to death in a condominium in Nashville, Tenn. Police found the bodies of McNair, 36, and the woman after receiving a call that someone was injured.

CNN gives this data on McNair:
McNair, 36, spent 13 seasons in the NFL, the majority with the Tennessee Titans, and was named the NFL's co-MVP in 2003. He spent his last two seasons with Baltimore Ravens before announcing his retirement in 2008. (CNN)
No one has been taken into custody yet but the police continue to question witnesses.

KCBS in Nashville reports:
Nashville police spokesman Don Aaron confirmed that authorities were called to a condominium and found McNair and a woman shot to death inside. Aaron said police don't yet know the circumstances of the shootings.
The story continues with more information on McNair's career and comments from an athletic adviser who worked with the athlete.


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The families of both victims have my sympathy.
I hope that their murderer is caught.