Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th, Sarah Palin Resigning as Alaska Governor

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin gave her two weeks notice to the people of Alaska yesterday, more or less. With this suprise July 3 announcement that BlogHer CE Pundit Mom notes replaces some Michael Jackson death marathon news, Palin has created additional concern about her decision-making skills, a concern expressed by both Democrats and Republicans when she became Sen. John McCain's VP nominee for presidential election 2008.

Her resignation's launched rumors ranging from the governor is pregnant to this is a strategic step toward running for president in 2012. It's also speculated that she wants to be a Fox News pundit. Here's CNN video of her announcment.

Palin's announcment comes on the heels of a Vanity Fair magazine article, "It Came from Wasilla," that sparked a new round of GOP infighting and blame about why Sen. John McCain lost the election to President Barack Obama. Her name was mentioned one too many times, perhaps, in exit polls as voters who usually vote Republican said why they voted for a black Democratic Party candidate instead. Prominent Republicans like Colin Powell also mentioned antics associated with Palin when he endorsed Obama.

I'm no Palin fan, as anyone who reads this blog knows, but as a woman, I am ticked that some McCain aides questioned Palin's mental state on the basis of her having recently had a baby. Yes, there was talk, say insiders, that someone claimed Palin was possibly mentally unstable due to postpartum depression. Ugh.

To those aides I say, if you don't like her, just say that. It's hypocritical to campaign for a VP running mate who was chosen mainly because she's a woman and then turn around and attack her using a women's health issue. Besides, Palin's background--the college switching and the Alaska Independence Party support--is enough to say she's "off."

She switched colleges before she had babies and delivered a video greeting to the AIP secessionists too. Furthermore, her desire to lie about her husband's involvement with the AIP seems very Palinesque and nothing to be laid at the feet of hormones.

Palin's through her own actions and husband's membership been in bed with a party that wants Alaska to be a country separate from the U.S.A. How patriotic is that? Yet she regularly attacked Barack Obama's patriotism during the campaign and accused him of "pallin' around with terrorists." To paraphrase a comment at HuffPo, "Can you imagine the fallout if Michelle Obama had been a member of a secessionist party for 7 years and Obama had given a video greeting to that group while a Senator?"

Speaking of HuffPo, source of the Bye-Bye Palin photo up top, it also has a story on reasons behind the resignation, "Why Palin Did It" with Palin allies saying the governor just doesn't like her life. Well, it's not like the GOP is showing her a whole lot of gratitude, not to mention the hits she's taken in the media, but it says something about her judgment to run with John McCain in the first place that she didnt' see brutal attacks coming. She had to know her shaky background, including daughter Bristol's pregnancy since Palin is a proponent of abstince-only sex education, would make her life in a fishbowl turn into a life under figurative machine gun.

During her resignation press conference, Palin said, according to CNN:
"People who know me know that besides faith and family, nothing's more important to me than our beloved Alaska," Palin said in an announcement from her home in Wasilla. "Serving her people is the greatest honor I could imagine." ... Palin added in a statement that she was "determined to take the right path for Alaska even though it is not the easiest path. ... Once I decided not to run for re-election, I also felt that to embrace the conventional lame duck status in this particular climate would just be another dose of politics as usual, something I campaigned against and will always oppose."

Palin used a sports analogy to explain her decision: "I know when to pass the ball."
On July 26, Alaksa Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell will be sworn in to replace Palin ad Governor of Alaska.


le0pard13 said...

This has the strangest of timing. An impromptu announcement on the slowest news day (right before a major holiday) to quit a governorship. This was something the SC gov should be doing (and weren't both to be contenders for 2012 Whig presidential nomination?). Hmm... And weren't these two the ones who made a big deal of not wanting to take stimulus $ for their states (for some grand principle)?

Anyway... Nordette you're quite right in bringing up her AIP ties. The soon-to-be-former gov is a master of hypocrisy. But, she is not to blame for the GOP losing the White House (and Congress). For a few years now, the male-in-office Repugs have continued to do that quite well on their own.

Thanks for the post, Nordette.

lilalia said...

Oh, I do hope she just fades into the background. What a bizarre political character she has been. Wouldn't it be marvelous if everyone (at least in the media) just stopped taking notice of her?

msladydeborah said...

I see this latest chapter in the Palin saga a little differently.

In my part of the union there is this saying when the Buckeyes have to rebuilt their team. "Re-load and Prepare to Fire."
(Yes, I am using sports just like Sarah).

This is what is appears that she is doing. Only her moves are overshadowed by the chaos she has around her.

She just signed a book deal for $11M. This would provide her with the public exposure she needs. Plus a source of personal wealth that I doubt she has had access to.

There is also a possibility that she will be moving towards trying to establish herself as a leader in the GOP. She is planning to raise money for the other candidates.

But there is also a story that is blowing in from the west coast that indicates she might have to do battle over new ethic violations. Which would not be good for her story.

As far as the hormone situation goes-I don't know what dark ages male attributed her moves to that aspect of womanhood-but he can step for hades with the theory.

I also want to see how she can work on being on the top of the ticket. At the moment I cannot think of on neocon who would be willing to be second. She would really have to have someone with Washington savvy as a Veep. Who among the Dumbos would that be? Romney is not going to play background to her foreground. Any thoughts on the matter?

Vérité Parlant is Nordette Adams said...

I'm leaning toward there's a scandal and the other shoe is about to drop and she knows it or she wants money to make more money in her personal life and be a star not a president.

SjP said...

I'd like to think there's a scandal about to break that would take her out of the political arena forever. But, alas, I think not. Even if there is a scandal, she will use it to the enth degree to help bolster her political aspirations.

I think she'll run for senator in 2012. If she wins that puts her right in DC where she will be able to forge an immediate run for the presidency right from Capital Hill. She be able to test the waters to determine whether that run in 2012 or 2016.

She, imo, is just too egotistical to be "stopped" by a scandal. Time will tell.