Friday, July 31, 2009

Joe Thinks Omer is Michael Jackson's Son, Blah, Blah, Blah

In this video, Smokey Fontaine of Newsone/TV One stands up for Michael Jackson's father, Joe Jackson, who recently said that Michael has another child, Omer Bhatti, who lives in Oslo, Norway. Fontaine, who interviewed Joe Jackson, goes on about how articulate Joe is to him.

He says Joe has been the "victim of soundbites" and then reminds us that Joe Jackson is the man who trained the Jackson Five, etc., early on, and is their father. He says this after Campbell Brown reminds the world that Joe Jackson was estranged from Michael and remains distant with the rest of the family today.

Anyone who watched the horrific BET Awards saw how strange Joe Jackson can be regarding his son's death. While the rest of the family could barely hold it together, he was been busy on the red carpet, and despite his being there at the event already, the family elected Janet Jackson to speak to America on its behalf, and she did so weeping.

I dunno about Joe. Whenever I see people in mourning but there's one of them who keeps popping up in headlines blabbing, constantly reminding us of his relationship to the deceased, waving on the red carpet as the cameras click, saying odd things on Larry King Live, etc., I write them off as the lost one who wants attention.

And I don't know which Joe Jackson Smokey Fontaine interviewed because the Joe Jackson I've seen in uncut TV segments, not sound bites, does not seem articulate to me. He seems to be a tired man who rambles and sometimes makes no sense, who in his old age misses the spotlight.

Props for bringing us the J-5, Joe, but I'm concerned about you these days. I give you some consideration because you're only human, but having known a control freak or two in my day, I can't give you the benefit of the doubt the way Smokey Fontaine does. I think you treated your children more like possessions than people you love.

As for Omer, who was supposedly living with Michael at Neverland when the police raided the mansion, he's an aspiring rap star and he denies Michael is his daddy, per CNN. DNA tests anyone? Other news sources say Omer's called Michael J. by the family and wants a DNA test. How many Michael's are there in this family? "Prince" is called Michael. "Blanket" is called Michael, and Omer is also Michael?

And even if he is, what does that really mean? Lisa Presley, daughter of the late Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson's former wife, doesn't seem to have inherited her father's entertainment genes. Yes, I can think of other children who've inherited their parents' talents, but really it's a crap shoot and no one can replace Michael Jackson. No one. What is it that the public expects from the children of mega-stars?

I wonder if Joe Jackson wants to believe Omer is his biological grandson because if he is, it might quell some of the rumors that Michael Jackson never had sex with a woman. A "macho" father like Joe would never like to hear that kind of rumor about his son unless his son is a Catholic priest. Or perhaps Joe wants a second chance to mold a Michael. Remember, that when Michael made his comeback and emerged as the King of Pop, he did so without his father.

Omer may be the smartest one in this story. He's been low key and he hangs back. He knows not to run to media circus but away from it. And there Joe is, dragging him into the center ring anyway. Joe could have answered Fontaine's question about Michael's potential offspring by saying, "I don't know." After all, how can he know? Does he have DNA test results to share?

I'm still pondering why news anchors are talking about this story. Why are Campbell Brown, Anderson Cooper, the folks at ABC and elsewhere, spending news time on who may or may not be Michael Jackson's children when we have a health care battle raging?

Wait. I know the answer. They talk about it because people don't change the channel when they do.


le0pard13 said...

You nailed it, VP.

Natural said...

i find this hard to believe that the kid is his son. time will tell.