Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Language of My Reality and Back to Self-Mythology

I saw this video posted at My Brown Eyed View, Colin Mutcheler's "Language of My Reality," and I decided to post the spoken word piece here for reference. I'm working on self-mythology, despite my last post on the topic not having one soul drop by and share his or her own.

Well, I'll keep on working on it and the importance of self "story." "Self-Mythology: What Myths Do You Tell You About You" was posted the day Michael Jackson died, before the news broke, and like so many other pieces that day not about Michael Jackson, went into a hole. It's a kernel of thought on something larger.

Here's Colin.

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Good and plenty said...

I have so many thoughts upon seeing this video and have started some blog posts down that I'll post soon. The phrase "My reality" says it all to me. My, me. What forms me, what formed me, what I formed. Not the reality, not our reality (although we share bits and bits) but "my reality."