Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson fans still mourning, rejoicing and MJ books

After the deluge of news stories about Michael Jackson due to his untimely death and more coverage to come with his memorial today at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, including the presence of the mega-star's body, some people may feel enough is enough. The MJ-overloaded say they know all about Michael Jackson and need nothing more. Grumblings of King of Pop overdose are understandable, but with demands for all things MJ up, fans of all ages still weeping , and media outlets knowing that Jackson draws a crowd, get ready for more, and this includes books.

Indeed even CNN has been asking its viewers "Are we doing too much Michael?" Yet, what media outlet can afford to ignore his life, death, and memorial or funeral?

Read more on the memorial and on MJ books at the African-American Books Examiner

From my Twitter page: I'm slow but just learned that @DameElizabeth (Taylor) or at least someone using her name, is tweeting about not going to Staples Center.

Video from Associated Press, fans leaving messages for Michael Jackson and talking about getting tickets to Staples Center memorial.

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Anonymous said...

It has now been nearly two weeks since Michael Jackson died. During that time, the media has had an inexplicable fixation on this aging and bizarre rock star who hasn’t performed in more than a decade.

I live on Hayvenhurst Avenue, just a few blocks from the Jackson family compound. Since jackson’s death, the LAPD has had the street blocked off 24 hours a day, so that other residents have to take serpentine detours to get to their homes. While law enforcement escorts Jackson family vehicles in and out of the area, LAPD squad cars and parking enforcement units are detailed to man the barriers on each end of the Jackson’s street day and night. Railings have been set up along the street so that gawkers and tourists can meander past their home and stare at the large black gate that prevents them from seeing anything inside the estate. This morning, the day of the memorial at the Staples Center, we were awakened at 6AM by the sound of several helicopters hovering over the area in a fixed position.

With apologies to Michael Jackson’s ardent fans, these activities are not worth the expense and inconvenience they have cost the tax payers of this city. Jackson was a world-famous entertainer and human curiosity, not a head-of-state or major benefactor of our city. Until he announced his ill-fated “This Is It” comeback, he hadn’t even been in the news for several years. It is rather startling that during these difficult economic times the city of Los Angeles has decided to participate in the sycophantic idol worship of this individual and, without voter consent, devote substantial resources to helping this very rich and reclusive family mourn their son. For once, I would like to see the city protecting and preserving the privacy and tranquility of the community that we ordinary mortals live in.