Thursday, July 2, 2009

Michael Jackson Rehearsal June 23, plus Details on Memorial

I can't fault CNN for all its Michael Jackson coverage. Whenever he was seen while alive they treated that like news as well, and so, the network's not talking almost nonstop about Michael Jackson for the heck of it. Poked my head over there today just to see what's going in the world and on one side of the page Iran, the other Michael Jackson and a lot more Michael Jackson stories than anything else on the front page.

Good news for fans, CNN posted the video up top of Michael Jackson live in rehearsal, June 23, two days before his death. The story says, "AEG, promoter of Jackson's planned London shows, released the short video of Jackson rehearsing on a stage in the Staples Center arena ...," which is where the star's memorial is scheduled to be held. No date has been set for the service.

In the video, MJ is performing "They Don't Care About Us."

The CNN article also says Debbie Rowe, the mother of Jackson's two older children, still hasn't decided whether she will seek custody of her children. That strikes as a money issue because you either want your children or you don't. It would be a shame to break up the three Jackson children. One of them is not Debbie Rowe's biological child.

Per CNN, "The will nominated Katherine Jackson, now 79, as the guardian of his children. If Katherine Jackson were to die, "I nominate Diana Ross as guardian," Jackson said in the will, written July 7, 2002." At BlogHer I posted a piece about gossip regarding the children's paternity, and I hope people will stop talking about paternity for the sake of Michael Jackson, Jr., Paris Jackson, and Michael II aka "Blanket.", the gossip site that broke news of Jackson's death, also has an article about the will.

It's all a sad mess. The DEA has been called in to investigate due to allegations that Jackson was addicted to pain medication. The LAPD requested the agency's involvement.

The day after Michael Jackson's death I sent a link out on Twitter and a stranger responded that she or he was tired of hearing about it. I wrote back and said if that were the case, the person should dig a hole and stay there for two weeks because for the next two weeks if you're online, listening to the radio, or watching television you will probably hear about Michael Jackson.

The media and the masses follow him in death as they did in life. Even his parents found out he'd been taken to the hospital from a friend who'd found out from the media. Reporters are going to stay on Jackson until the public loses interest.

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msladydeborah said...

I watch one hour of nightly coverage on MSNBC. That's it for me.

I totally dislike the public discussion about the children's paternity and all that entails. I wrote a note on FB about my feelings.

The concert clip looked good. I saw it yesterday and thought,if he had not been internally stressed-a helluva of a performance would of went down.

I'm sure on Tuesday it will be a MJ marathon on the MSM. I'll be back to work (*sigh*) but I am sure that by the time I get back home, whatever happened will be the headline story.