Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama's Take on Gates's Arrest, per CNN

I'm headed to BlogHer09 in Chicago, Ill. My daughter's driving right now, and in about an hour we'll be stopping at a hotel six hours south of the Windy City. We're enjoying our time together, but I thought I should post President Barack Obama's take on the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr., a Harvard professor, in his own home near Harvard Square.

I've been following the story and have written about it twice at this blog, now thrice counting this update. I also cross-posted on the topic at after Gates asked the police officer for an apology and offered to educate him about African-American history and racism in America.

In the video from CNN, President Obama says that he wasn't there but thinks the police acted "stupidly" by arresting a man in his own home after verifying his identity. He added that separate from the Gates incident it's a fact that racial profiling is real and African-Americans and Latinos are stopped by police officers in disproportionate rates to whites.

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msladydeborah said...

Welcome to our part of the union! I hope you brought an umbrella with you.:-(

Obama's opinion is probably shared by many other people.