Sunday, July 5, 2009

Reading You Again (a love poem)

This love poem does not view correctly on the interface, and so I've also pasted the jpeg here instead. Click it to read the text in the correct form on my personal website.

You may click the poem's image and read the poem's text at this link.

Please do not reproduce this poem without first getting permission from the author, Nordette N. Adams.
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msladydeborah said...

Very nice!

lilalia said...

Lovely poem. It has it all, hope, yearning, beauty, tears... I so enjoyed reading it.

Thad said...

Very nice, Nordette.

Good and plenty said...

Wonderful, wonderful - the circle, the roundness, the fullness. Thanks.

Jacob G. Kucinic said...

That is a very cute poem.

I am releasing love sonnets I have written on a weekly basis. Feel free to check them out.