Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sgt.Crowley, Wrong! Plus NJ Multicultural Corruption

I'm about to get back on the road to Chicago, continuing my journey to the BlogHer09 Conference. However, I wanted to do a quick round-up of the news I've heard this morning. First, if ever there was a man who needed racial sensitvity training it's Sgt. James Crowley, the white Cambridge, Mass., police oficer who arrested Henry Louis Gates, Jr., an African-American Harvard professor, on the porch of his own home near Harvard Square for challenging him.

O.K. Crowley says it was disorderly conduct. I say he arrested Gates for challenging him.

Anyway, today Crowley, who refuses to apoplogize (meaning to make the popular apology people expect today after people do anything perceived to be racist), is defending himself and saying he's not a racist because he once gave black Celtics basketball star Reggie Lewis, who was having a heart attack, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Crowley says he didn't see color but a human being. (The photo of Crowley comes from the NY Daily News.)

This man is proving that he needs to be re-educated. Doesn't he know slave owners used to have sex with black slaves left and right and still refused to acknowledge them as equal to whites, would have whipped them for speaking out? And they too may have saved a slave from death because slaves, like basketball stars, carry a dollar value on their heads.

Doesn't he know there are white men after slavery who fathered black children on Friday night and put on a white sheet and burned a cross on Saturday night, or more subltly for Crowley supporters, white men who fathered a black child on Sunday but called an 58-year-old black man 20 years their senior "boy" on Monday? Racists exchanging bodily fluids with people they think are beneath them is nothing new and certainly not evidence of being nonracist.

How does performing CPR on a basketball star as part of your job (Crowley was a campus cop on a campus where Lewis had his heart attack) prove you're not a racist? Racism is about feeling superior to someone of another race, believing that that person has no right to question you. You don't necessarily have to feel the person is an animal, just an inferior human or beneath you.

To put it in a different perspective, there are some men who think their own wives are inferior humans. They think women in general are inferior. That deeply-rooted belief would not prevent them from performing CPR on a woman, but it might make them think back-handing her for questioning one of their decisions was a righteous act.

I guess we can just be grateful that Crowley didn't announce some of his best friends are black or that he voted for Obama.

Moving on!

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The ficticious Sopranos may have stopped shooting new shows in New Jersey, but NJ's still got it's real live organized schemers. This morning I heard on CNN that mayors, a deputy mayor, other city officials and rabbis in three NJ cities--Secaucus, Hoboken, and Jersey City--have been arrested on corruption charges involving bribery and money laundering. From the video and report, it seems the alleged crooks are from different ethnic backgrounds and both political parties.

YAY! I say this because down here in NOLA, after watching black politicians on the news after long-haul sting operations, I'm glad people are seeing this New Jersey mess on national news.

I'm pissed at the corruption, but happy people who assume black politicians are more corrupt or that corruption only infects one political party can see that greed and corruption cross color lines, party lines, and apparently religious lines as well. New Jersey is proving this, offereing us Equal Opportunity Corruption.

Two years ago I moved back to New Orleans. Prior to the move I was living in New Jersey. New Jersey and Louisiana are states known for corruption in all shades. Yet, some people tend to assume black politicians are more corrupt, which is not true.

And I add in edits, five hours later, maybe this will push some of our black politicians who want to play slick but have gotten caught in corruption schemes to stop saying "I was targeted because I am black." Sometimes that's true, but if you keep your nose clean and good records, then you don't have to worry about getting caught doing anything other than your job.

And last, a sad story. Four boys have been arrested in Arizona for raping an 8-year-old girl, reports CNN. The boys range in age from 9 to 14. They've admitted it, but possibly more sad is that the girl's parents blame her. They say she's shamed them by being raped and have disowned the 8-year-old. The family members are refugees from Liberia, Africa.


Professor Kim said...

The story about the little girl being raped makes me sad beyond words.

As for Crowley, yes, you are right, but I hear this kind of thinking all of the time.

Thanks for your postings.

msladydeborah said...

I'll work my way from the last story. This is a cultural response to the rape. I have written enough posts on the subject of African females being raped to realize that our viewpoints v. theirs is different. My heart goes out to the little girl. What a terrible thing to have happen to her.

In the O-State corruption goes down frequently on both sides. It is just politics in our mind. But the latest story from out of NJ sounds like an episode of the Sopranos.

I totally agree with you on the reason why Skip Gates was arrested.
Even the Mayor of Cambridge, had to admit that race did play a factor in this situation. Try as he may,his example is not working!

le0pard13 said...

I am speechless regarding the rape of the 8 year old. I, too, am sad beyond words.

Crowley is transparent. I'd love to hear what the guy has to say if it was Newt Gingrich who answered that door, and his reaction to him questioning his appearance on his doorstep. Something tells me it wouldn't have ended up with Newt handcuffed or arrested. And there wouldn't have been an uplifting story of him performing a life-saving procedure on anybody, either. Sheesh!

le0pard13 said...

Yesterday, the NYT broached the subject at hand.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious there is some racism play in this whole thing. I just wish Obama would have said that and stuck by's all good though.