Thursday, July 2, 2009

WaPo's Pay-to-Play Mini Scandal

Within an hour of of its editorial staff posting its side of the story in an influence-peddling mini-scandal, the Washington Post has added an update saying its publisher, Katharine Weymouth, has canceled plans for "off-the record salons." Earlier this morning The Post responded to a story from Politico on a flier circulated Wednesday by the newspaper's business staff to lobbyists and association leaders that announced a pay-to-play model for meetings with Obama administration officials, Capitol Hill legislators, and the paper's editorial gatekeepers. ... Read the full story at

1 comment:

msladydeborah said...

LMAO at the video!

The whole thing sounds rather shady. That's a whole lot of dough just to talk to someone.

And it comes across as improper influence in my mind. This is not the job of a news organization.