Sunday, December 6, 2009

Adultery: Catching Cheaters is Big Tech Business

As the CNN reporter says in this video, "Nifty Ways to Catch a Cheater," due to the Tiger Woods story, catching cheaters and infidelity are hot topics on the lips of many Americans right now. But do you need a BrickHouse to catch your husband or wife cheating? That's not a person, but a software keylogger-type program you can use to spy on your significant other.

If you've gotten to the place, in my opinion, where you want to spy on your husband or wife, it's time to walk away. Whether he or she is cheating or not, game over. If your spouse is not cheating, but you're obsessed with the notion that she/he is, the spouse really doesn't need a paranoid lunatic like you in her/his life anyway. Walk away and see a therapist. Come back later if you get healed.

If it turns out your spouse is cheating, well, you still need to leave, right? Actually, some psychologists might say it depends. Read more here, "He's Cheating or It Sure Feels Like It," two-part post.

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underOvr (aka The U) said...

Hi Nordette,

What does it really say about a man or woman who resorts to following, spying on, and tracking activities of a spouse? What actual comfort can one take in learning a spouse cheats? These actions certainly won't compel a spouse to be faithful. All it does really is give one a false sense of control in a relationship.

I do recognize that in legal matters this type of information is useful when property and financial issues require resolution.