Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Angry DC Cop Pulls Gun at Snow Ball Fight

According to a story at The Times Picayune, a Washington D.C. police officer pulled a gun on civilians after his personal SUV was hit by a snowball during a mass snow ball fight. The snow ball fight was organized on Twitter, and the head of D.C. police says the officer's actions were inappropriate. Let me just say he looks like a fool who needs an anger management course on this video. Read the story here.

People were yelling "F you, pig" and chanting "Yes, we can have a snow ball fight." According to Reason TV, Fox News called these people war protesters.

Here are more police who were called in for back-up telling people that they can have their snowball fight, just don't hit any cars.


underOvr (aka The U) said...

Hi Nordette,

This was an interesting confrontation; a microcosm of how Whites and Blacks interact. On one side, you have a group of people who see nothing wrong with pummeling vehicles with snowballs. On the other side, you have a policeman who took offense at having snowballs hit his vehicle; allowing his emotions to affect his judgement.

Identifying himself as a policemen meant nothing to the crowd, so he brandishes his weapon which only seems to agitate the crowd even more. It's as if the crowd held the opinion, "Who the hell does this motherfucker think he's talking to?"

Both the crowd and the officer were fueled by their emotions and every subsequent act seemed to fuel more animosity.

I wonder how this would have been handled and viewed if this were a crowd of Blacks and the officer was White.



Vérité Parlant is Nordette Adams said...

The same things crossed my mind, U, even what if it was a black cop and a black crowd. I think if the crowd had been black, no matter the race of the officer, this would have turned into a bigger incident. I think the officer may have made the mistake of thinking he could treat a white crowd like he would a black crowd, but white people doing stupid stuff know their privileges as being white. The white guys yelling "F You, Pig" and then getting away with it would not have happened in a black crowd.

I don't know if the guy they tried to arrest was even actually arrested.

I think who threw the snow ball that hit the car would have been used as an excuse to take multiple people to jail that day.

Just my opinion. But I"m jaded.

And if it had been a white cop pulling a gun on black people, it would have been turned into a racial issue even if the white cop was just like the black cop, just one human out of control who may have gone out of control anywhere with anyone.