Monday, December 7, 2009

April Ryan Knows She Looked Stupid To Gibbs, World

From CNN, Urban Radio Network "reporter April Ryan talks with CNN's Don Lemon about her testy exchange with White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs."

I read about this first at Field Negro, where he writes under "The Audacity of Condescension" that Gibbs needs to check himself, but he also concludes Ryan needs to check herself. After watching this video of the Gibbs vs. Ryan exchange, I think Ryan is confused and perhaps should be reporting for TMZ, a gossip site, instead of a serious news organization.

She's all hung up on the small stuff of personality and dragging First Lady Michelle Obama and White House social secretary Desiree Rogers down to the tedium of feuds.
Ryan claimed that there have been whispers around Washington insinuating that Rogers had overstepped the traditional role of her title at the event to become the "belle of the ball," thus "overshadowing the first lady." Frustrated by Ryan's tabloid-y line of questioning, Gibbs instructed her to "calm down" and to take a deep breath," adding "I do this with my son and that's what happens."
As the press corps cringed, murmured and chuckled at Gibbs' chastising, Ryan shot back: "Don't play with me." (YahooNews)
You may recall Rogers's name from the bruhaha over the White House State Dinner party crashers, Tareq And Michaele Salahi, who definitely were not invited, but the incident put Rogers under a microscope.

Anyway, Field Negro's advice to Ms.Ryan is "Leave the rumors and innuendos to us bloggers."

And I said:
Gibbs's comment was more sexist than anything else, treating the woman like she's a child, but he's responded glibly and sometimes harshly to other folks, white male folks. I recall that when conservatives were screaming about Obama addressing school children, he said the were in "silly season," which they were.

But they didn't like that much. Naturally they said Gibbs was disrespectful.

He seems to have low tolerance level for dumb questions, but possibly should consider a more diplomatic approach. Until then, perhaps we should dub him "Gibbs the Glib."
As you'll see in the video, Ryan is now saying she and Gibbs are getting along, tight as BFFs. Sistergirl knows she looked stupid.


underOvr (aka The U) said...

Hi Nordette,

I think both handled this inappropriately. When a reporter interjects him/her(-self) into the story and becomes the story, you're no longer reporting news. It was obvious that Gibbs was not going to answer the question no matter how many times it was asked, so what was the point? There was no point to the question, only an agenda.

Regardless of how uncomfortable Gibbs felt from Ryan's questioning, he was condescending towards her by his remark. So what was his point? That he wanted to control what questions are asked and what reporter gets the privilege to ask them.

I personnally think that after the President announced that he would commit additional troops to Afghanistan, the news is focused on a) Tiger Woods, b) White House party crashers and c) April Ryan and Robert Gibbs.


Vérité Parlant is Nordette Adams said...

Yes. And Gibbs did say at the end that Afghanistan was more important.

He's not the first press sec'y to get crunky with folks, but he should have counted to 10 before he said that about his child in relation to Ryan.

She needs to re-evaluate whether or not she wants to cover hard news.