Monday, December 14, 2009

Black Writers Fail Publishers Weekly for Afro Picks Cover

Here we are in this brave new world of so-called post-racial sensibilities and yet each day reality pokes us in the eye, mocking us with "You have not yet arrived." Any effort to comment on the beauty of our differences or attempt to address the ever-present wound of our inequalities while trumpeting inclusiveness is a balancing act that lands us on our collective rump. So, it's unsurprising that today, part of the Twitterverse erupted in outrage over Publishers Weekly's latest cover, "Afro Picks! New books and trends in African-American publishing."

Take a look at what rattled and dismayed vocal African-American fiction writers this morning. See the black woman presumably naked with picks growing from her head coupled with the cover's topic, the artistic statement, the pun of picking black books and picking Afros. You get it, right?

Carleen Brice, the author of two published novels, is not laughing. She ... Please continue reading the full post at

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