Saturday, December 26, 2009

Blogs from the First 50 Minutes of My Day

Christmas slew me. I didn't drink and yet woke up in stupor after dreaming that I'd killed a neighbor's teenage son by accident, some imaginary dream person. I dreamed that I'd stabbed him in his ribs, and he was sitting in my driveway in his green S.U.V.. His body was freezing, which probably means my own bedroom was getting cold, and I was in a quandary about what to do. Should I turn myself into the police or hide the body?

So, I was happy to wake up but I didn't wake up until about 10 minutes to noon. Before I can eat anything, I have to take a Synthroid pill (hypothyroidism issues) and wait a half hour. So, after brushing teeth, freshening up, all that, I took out my computer to see what's up in blogs. This is what I found.

1.) MsLadyDeborah didn't post on Christmas. Neither did I. However, it seems she's already posted something today, a documentary recommendation, Uneven Fairways. Can you guess what that's about before you read her short post?

My last post, prior to this one, went up on Christmas Eve, short like Ms. Lady Deborah's post. I indulged a good feeling with some Joss Stone.

2.) I saw a tweet from Virginia DeBolt on Twitter saying "Half the Sky says China's boom is due to education of women. Believe it" and pointing to this post, "China To Create 14 Million New Jobs In 2010" at Impact Lab. I don't know if she was speaking of the Half the Sky website or the Half the Sky book, which arrived in my mail last week.

3.) Next I dropped in on Le0 at Lazy Thoughts of a Boomer where his most recent post went up yesterday on Christmas. Cool stuff too. YouTube video of Eartha Kitt singing Santa Baby.

4.) U at Anyway I Have To was also still wishing people Merry Christmas. His last post is Nat King Song singing one of America's favorite Christmas songs, and you know what that is.

5.) I have to send a rescue party out to Marva. She has the same post she's had up for weeks, The Crosswalk.

6.) Field Negro's last post is an open forum where he lets his readers go on about whatever they choose, but they kind of do that at his spot anyway, which is part of the fun. However, he did mention the lady who knocked down the pope. My son told me about that yesterday. Apparently that's not the first time this woman has tackled the pope. Perhaps he should consider changing his security force.

7.) Finally, I chuckled at Mir Kamin's post on She's posted her 11-year-old's journal, or at least what she imagines her tween's journal would be if she got her hands on it.

Okay. So, it's time to get the coffee now and some healthier food than what I consumed yesterday. Afterward, it's back to work on my novel. Finishing the first draft is on my list of 5 things I'm proud of in 2009, and so I'm busy editing now.


le0pard13 said...

I know what you mean. Though I didn't have the type of overly tired (almost fever-like) dream you described. I just ached from running around to both sides of family on the eve and day. Thank you for the shout out and the blog links you posted, Nordette.

Reggie said...

Interesting, very very interesting. You see, Christmas Eve I also dreamed about killing one of my neighbors, but it wasn't by mistake, it was definitely intentional. He's kinda nasty and I don't really care for him. Whenever he's in his backyard grilling food, he'll take it right out of the pack and just throw it on the grill.....chicken too. His meat always smells like some wild animal buring in a wildfire; and not only that, he's quick to dig in his butt while he's grilling. Once or twice, he's spoken to me and then dug in his ass.....yeah, he's nasty and I'm glad that I bludgeoned him in my dream a couple of nights back.

msladydeborah said...

What did you eat before going to bed? This is a question that my grandmother would of asked you-after you shared the 411 about your dream. :-)

I meant to post a Merry Christmas greeting. But I was way too busy with preparing for our annual Christmas breakfast. I had three grandies under the age of thre-they are too many things for their grandmother. OMG! those children were everywhere and into everything. They wore me out!

I was getting back in the bed when you were getting up. I took three naps today. Which is not that unusual for me. I tend to be really lazy on Saturday.

Thanks for sharing some blog love!