Thursday, December 17, 2009

Congratulations to Russell, SYTYCD Winner, Season 6

I watched the So You Think You Can Dance finale last night on DVR, which aired earlier on Fox. As I've said previously, I favored Russell Ferguson, and I voted for him also Tuesday night. It was not just his dancing but his personality that won me over. I also liked Kathryn a lot and Ellenore Scott, as well as Jakob and Ryan. Who am I kidding, I liked something about each one of them, but the five I've named maybe more than others.

Here's Russell with Kathryn dancing to "I Can Transform You" by Chris Brown featuring L'il Wayne.

Last night's finale was good, but rather rushed at points. I know a lot of people tuned in to see Adam Lambert perform. He did well and was wise enough to not repeat his American Music Awards antics. Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Lopez also performed.

The evening's unexpected drama was Russell injuring his leg during a Hip Hop routine with Legacy and Kevin. As a result, some numbers that were scheduled to be performed live were shown on tape, like the one above. Russell's pain was numbed, however, when he learned he was America's Favorite Dancer for So You Think You Cand Dance, Season 6. YAY! I expect we'll be seeing more from this talented Krumper who picks up new dance styles like a natural.

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