Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hilarious! 12 Sims (Yats) of a 'New Orleans' Christmas

This totally made my afternoon and I have to thank not only the creators of The 12 Sims of Christmas, but also to Benny Grunch and the Bunch who do the The 12 Yats of Christmas, the song and the video, and my home fellow, YatPundit, who recently shared 12 Sims. Great New Orleans fun! I'm seriously thinking about putting this up at the New Orleans Literature Examiner for my holiday greeting because my unhappy Christmas poem would be inappropriate for a commercial website. :-)

And here is the original video, which has scenes we no longer see from pre-Katrina New Orleans.


msladydeborah said...


Who are these people? Seriously-they are funny as all get out! I have never seen this before-I'm sitting here cracking up over these videos.

I'm glad that you posted the second one-it helped me to understand what they were saying. You know I'm from the midwest. We talk real flat in this part of the union. :-)

I especially loved #4 and 5!

Good and plenty said...

What fun - I especially liked the original! New Or-le-ans! A special place with some crazee, fun peoples. Thanks for sharing.