Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Orleans Mid-City Cat Killer is Pre-Human Killer

New Orleans Crimestoppers is offering $5,000 for tips leading to the Mid-City Serial Cat Killer.
Authorities found the cats bodies during early November, according to Crimestoppers officials. They were all apparently killed in an area bordered by Jefferson Davis Parkway, Murat Street, Orleans Avenue and Tulane Avenue.

Psychologists say serial killers start out by torturing and killing animals before taking the lives of humans. (
The crazy person is beating cats to death, and while some people take such crimes lightly, thinking we should focus on human life, I say with others that if you care about humans then you'll stop people who are cruel to animals before they move on to humans.

When I wrote about Florida's serial cat killer at under "Don't Ignore this Crime!" I said the same thing and included a list of symptoms to recognize this dangerous behavior in one's own children.

Read more about the Crimestoppers reward Those who leave tips can remain anonymous and call Crimestoppers directly at 504.822.1111


msladydeborah said...

How inhumane!

This individual definitely has issues. And those issues could lead them to murdering human beings.

Hopefully the individual will be found.

le0pard13 said...

I don't know why it is, but cats seem to be particularly subjected to this kind of animal abuse (or it could be just that I hear about them more). One of my worst memories of childhood related to catching a glimpse of some teen (I estimate the age) doing a very cruel act against a kitten. I wish I hadn't seen it, and I definitely WISHED they hadn't done what they did to the poor animal. I really hope that they catch the culprit, Nordette. Your point about how some start out is important and well taken. Thanks.