Friday, December 18, 2009

Time Traveling With a Dragonfly (poem)

Time Traveling Again
Nordette N. Adams

Today I surfed to,
shopping digital Michael Franks,
ordering "best of," glimpsing his bio:
He was popular in the 80s.
Like us.

But "best of" missed one of the songs I wanted
from Dragonfly Summer.
That old album cover popped on the screen,
hands cupped around this fragile winged creature.

Clear as the moment before I was
back in your dorm room
holding the Dragonfly cassette
in my hands.

Our love came cloaked in promises
like this. I thought
through you I would be reborn.

My download completed, I had "Best of"
and "I love Lucy" stored
for keeps as in wedding vows.

But I couldn't listen to Michael Franks.
Like his rise on the charts in the 80s,
we are gone.

(c) Copyright 2009, Nordette N. Adams


Derailed Poet said...

I know the feeling. Thanks for sharing. xx

msladydeborah said...

What is it about Michael Franks and love relationships? My favoite song by him is-Your Secrets Safe With Me. That particular tune holds a whole lot of personal meaning for me.

Nice piece Nordette. I enjoyed reading it.