Monday, January 11, 2010

BlogHer's Suzanne Reisman Gets Close-up for Her Book

Here's video of one of's contributing editors, Suzanne Reisman. Annelise Sorrensen, a travel writer/contributor for NBC New York, Channel 4, recently interviewed Reisman about local-travel sights you can find in her book Off the Beaten Subway Track and visit in NYC.

I like the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company. What a cool idea! I've got to pick up Suzanne's book. Didn't get to at BlogHer last summer.

View more news videos at:

Suzanne's personal blog is Campaign for Unshaved Snatch.

1 comment:

Suzanne Reisman said...

You are coming to BlogHer this summer, though, right? I would love to go with you to the Superhero store. :)

Thanks for the link love, and even more so for being such a great thinker, writer, and colleague at BlogHer. I feel so lucky to "know" you.