Friday, January 8, 2010

Cell Phone Radiation May Fight Alzheimer's, Boost Brain Activity?

First, I heard about this on an email thread--that new research indicates cell phone use may have benefits for your brain--and I hope it's legitimate because I need all the brain boosting I can get. I use a cell phone almost exclusively. Also, my mother died with Alzheimer's, and I hate all the reports that cell phones harm brains because giving up the cell phone ain't gonna happen anytime soon.
(Jan. 6) -- Amid ongoing claims that long-term cell phone radiation may lead to brain tumors comes a new study suggesting the radio waves may protect and even reverse Alzheimer's disease, at least in mice.

And the radiation gave mice without Alzheimer's a boost in brain activity.

... The study involved 96 mice, most of which were genetically altered to develop beta-amyloid plaques and memory problems mimicking Alzheimer's disease as they aged. Some mice were left as-is, so researchers could test the effects of the radiation on normal memory as well. ... The memory benefits took months to show up, suggesting that a similar effect in humans would take years. (Read article at Sphere.)
Was this study funded by the cell phone industry? That question crossed my mind. At the end of the article it says "Florida ADRC, a statewide project sponsored by the National Institute on Aging, and the USF Health Byrd Alzheimer's Institute" funded the study.


Debra said...

Wow, finally some good news about cell phones? maybe?

I hate talking on the phone any phone. But 3 risk factors for AD means I'll invite folks to call me if it's true.

Anonymous said...

Me too. My maternal grandmother had Alzheimer's. My mom has it now. Is it inevitable for me and my sisters?