Monday, January 4, 2010

Obama Family: Seeing Avatar, Leaving Hawaii

I have not been posting lately too much because I needed a break, and so I swore off my computer, at least posting blogs, for 48 hours. Anyway, I'm back and the first thing I see is people looking for Obama family news. So, here's video of the family leaving Hawaii. And then there's a story on the Obamas taking in the new movie Avatar.

His ratings may have dropped in the polls, but America is still obsessed with President Barack Obama's girls and Michelle Obama. Hey, what's Emeril Lagasse doing in that Iron Chef photo with the FLOTUS? He sure looks happy.

But some journalist will tell you what he's facing as he returns to Washington, D.C.--the Big Chill.

Here's a tip for people who keep searching Google for "Obama family." Don't use Google's main search engine. Go to Google News for the latest. See search results here.

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