Friday, January 29, 2010

OSF: Let's Get Busy

I'm happy to have a chance to participate in the Old School Friday theme after being absent for a while. This week's theme is "Let's Get Busy." I could have gone with the obvious, Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On" but actually, it didn't come to me when Marvin Gaye popped into my head. The song I thought of was "Come, Get to This."

Next I thought of Ike & Tina Turner & co. who got busy with "Proud Mary." The song always reminds me of hard work because they are 1.) sing about different jobs and 2.) work the devil out with dance in the second part of the song.

O.K., I had to include this last one simply because it was the first song that popped into my head when I saw the theme. It's Get Busy by Sean Paul and it was recorded after 1999. Consider it lagniappe, but the video's always made me laugh because of the little story that goes in it: "Stop banging on the damned furnace!"

The creators of the Old School Friday meme are Mrs. Grapevine and Marvalus at Conversations with Marva and has these rules, if you want to join this theme party.


Marvalus said...

I love, love, love, Marvin's Come Get To This!

I see everyone has a very different interpretation of the theme...I love it!

Happy OSF!

CCGroovy!!! said...


I C U Get down with the GET DOWN!!! These are some great choices.

Anonymous said...

This is a GREAT mix. From Marvin to Tina to Sean Paul...
Wow. Great journey, and Happy OSF!

Regina said...

uh, uh, uh! ooooooeeee, I Love me some Marvin, and I loved this version! This is the business! I have to admit I skipped Ike & Tina (her voice irritates me), I also skipped Sean Paul (Because I posted the same video and watched it about 4 times!), So to make up I watched Marvin THREE TIMES!!!