Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Root Shares 'Blackest White Folks We Know'

You know how you read or see some craziness and laugh your rear off until you think, "I know I'm going to hell for laughing at this or if not to hell, then at least somebody will see me and put me on the Most Politically Incorrect Negro list"? Well, I just read through The Root's "Blackest White Folks We Know" collection of white people, and I felt the political correctness police breathing at the back of my neck just as I did last night while I laughed at an old Dave Chappelle skit.

We can credit Rod Blagojevich with these nutty lists arising since he started it by saying he's blacker than Obama. I even did a list of my own "10 Reasons Why I'm Blacker Than Obama" after reading PPR_Scribe's hilarious list at This So-Called Post-Post Racial Life earlier this month.

While there are a lot funnier examples on the list, I smiled when I saw Anderson Cooper of CNN on it at number 8. I have an aunt who told me he was a racist, and she said this because he stated a less than positive opinion of Mayor Ray Nagin or some other black politician.

I tried my best in my most respectful manner to explain that being critical of a black politician doesn't make you racist, especially if your criticism is based on something stupid the joker did, and I pointed out how he handled Katrina coverage of a flooded New Orleans. But my aunt grew up in the segregated South. I can't really argue with her feelings.

Plus, I think it would be difficult to be white in America and not have some racist ideology or at least some other false racial construct influencing you subconsciously, even if it's only a belief that black folk are more spiritual or something hokey like that.

However, being a racist wouldn't actually disqualify you from being black either. We've seen Negroes suffering from internalized racism that causes them to put down other black people while applauding Rush Limbaugh or selling out to whites who consistently support discriminatory government policies, uh, *cough* Michale Steele, um, Juan Williams, and so on.

I'm using the word "Negro" a lot lately before the campaign to remove it from the English language makes it yet another unspeakable word.

Here's the link to The Root's "Blackest White Folks We Know." I know they've made somebody mad with this list. But I wish Field Negro would take the list on because I know whatever he says would only make me laugh more.

The last person on the list will surprise you and the commentary on him is clever. My objection to the list is that most of the white women listed are listed for their sex appeal or singing. What does that say about what The Root writer thinks of black women. Is our contribution to blackness booty power and crooning only?

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Cold Spaghetti said...

That was very, very funny.

Bill Maher? I'm still laughing.