Monday, January 11, 2010

Sarah Palin Didn't Know Anything, Says Republican Strategist

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt tells Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes that Sarah Palin knew nothing. Apparently they spent a lot of time trying to cram her head with information about foreign affairs such as how Korea split into North and South. Comments in the following video indicate that in order to win, McCain's camp was willing to put someone in the VP chair who was not ready for the job, in fact, a potential risk for the country.

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Do McCain staffers regret choosing Sarah Palin? Mark Halperin of Time and John Heilemann of New York Magazine say after talking to Republican staffers, they sense a lot of rationalization going on. But there is guilt, they think, perhaps an understanding from the staffers that they did something irresponsible.

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I've never had a good feeling about how GOP staffers have, after using Palin in an effort to win, were so eager to throw her on the funeral pyre with John McCain's failed bid for the presidency despite my never, ever liking the woman. I still take issue with rewriting history and making it sound as though they'd never heard of her until Rick Davis found her on the Internet. But what bugs me most is that they were willing to shove her down America's throat and call anyone who questioned her very questionable credentials and intelligence "sexist."

They played mind games with Americans and gambled the future. Can you say "lacks integrity"?

And now Palin is where she's always belonged. After playing cutesy with Oprah like she wasn't thinking that much about having her own TV show, she's joined Fox News as a contributor. What with her conspiracy theories about our coins and money, think of all the fun she'll have with Glenn Beck.

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Blue State Cowgirl said...

Well called on all points. The leader can blame his troops, especially when he's responsible for sourcing them and putting them in that position.

A big red flag that John McCain was in no way fit to be President.