Wednesday, January 27, 2010

There is No Spoon: Working with Positive Thinking

I'm writing away, structuring a post on two blogs/websites that focus on positivity. Those are Gives Me Hope and Operation Beautiful. I think lots of us, when we hear the term "positive thinking" believe it's akin to Neo in the Matrix and the clip "There is no spoon." Consequently, it sounds more like magic thinking to us, and perhaps at a high level of mysticism that's exactly what the yogi means.

Perhaps in some unknown place there are people who can accomplish feats such as changing the physical object before them in nearly an instant. (I'm very skeptical, but I'll allow that there are psychically gifted people somewhere.)

However, after talking to the creators of Gives Me Hope and Operation Beautiful I think more practical cheerleaders of positive thinking are speaking of focus. If you choose to place your focus on what you can do and the good in the world rather than what you can't do and the ugliness, you'll discover there's more you can do than you ever imagined.

In that way, what the child is telling Neo in the Matrix clip fits. He tells Neo that there is no spoon. It's not the spoon that bends, it's you who bends. So, to put it in practical terms is he saying that it's our attitudes, the way we see the world, and not our surroundings that make the difference? Inner change impacts the outer change?

I'll let you know when that post is done. It will be published at My most recent post on a related topic is Should You Change Your Self-Mythology?

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