Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To 10 Reasons Why I am Blacker than Obama (HT PPR)

I don't think this is a meme, but it could be. I read at "This So-Called Post-Post Racial Life" PPR_Scribe's "Top 10 Reasons Why I am Blacker than Obama" and I had to post my own list. Please read hers. And below my list I've posted Debra Dickerson's Stephen Colbert appearance in 2007 in which she explains why Obama is not black. It still makes me laugh.

Yes, PPR, your list is better than mine. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. :-)

10. My mother made up my name, or so she thought.

9. When I go in stores, security people follow me everywhere I go who are not on my payroll; so, I'm not passe blanc.

8. I helped PPR_Scribe pick the cotton for your underpants, and I was much deeper in the field than she was.

7. I can speak ebonics if I want to too, but I'm not the POTUS. (Thank you, Sen. Harry Reid. See #5 on PPR_Scribe's List.)

6. I won't even pretend that Michael Steele is black like me.

5. I cook gumbo. He eats it.

4. I carry in my left pocket a switchblade engraved with a secret Yoruban symbol and the name of the family of the first white man who bought my family off the block. It was given to me at my black bat mitzvah. I take it out and look at it shine while I drink my malt liquor and listen to Gil Scott Heron.

3. The Fair Housing Act was written so my family could move into Levittown.

2. I invented break-dancing.

And the number one reason why I am blacker than Obama.

1. I am the original Magic Negro who appears in American literature. Accept no imitations.

Here's Debra Dickerson on Stephen Colbert's show, 2007.

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PPR_Scribe said...

LOLOL! BRAVO! And thanks for having my back in the fields, sister. (Though I suspect you were that deep to secretly read books out of Massa's sightline!)

If I haven't mentioned before, I want your gumbo recipe--as long as I could make it with chicken or sausage and not any kind of seafood. (I know, I grandmother was as offended as you probably are.)

le0pard13 said...

Oh, I think you've turned this into a meme, Nordette. Good one! That was also a classic clip you included (especially that adopted brother reference by Ms. Dickerson). Thanks for this.