Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WalMart and USPS Clown Commercials are Funny

This commercial makes me laugh because I remember having a clown doll that I thought was creepy. I showed it to my 19-year-old, who has never liked clowns of any kind, has always said they're scary, and he laughed too.

But even funnier than this video is the Wal-Mart clown commercial that follows.

A father dresses up as a clown to make children laugh at his child's birthday party, but it doesn't go so well.


le0pard13 said...

Yep. Those two commercials are real funny (and my kids never liked clowns, either). Thanks.

msladydeborah said...

The Wally World vid is hilarious!

The USPS clown would of been mutilated long before our mail carrier arrived.

My fave commerical is the pot hole that talks. I love that voice. It cracks me up everytime I see it.

Leigh C. said...

Hee! I missed the first one, but the second one I saw twice and laughed my head off every time.

"Oh, yeah, that's gotta go." I'm gonna be giggling about that all day.