Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Adventures of Possum-Man (dating poem)

Adventures of Possum-Man
By Nordette N. Adams

He pops up most times late at night,
Flexing hot lovey-dove might.
But as for commitment,
He lacks the equipment:
He flips then plays dead out of fright.

© 2010 Nordette N. Adams

This popped into my head because everytime I look around there seems to be some website pushing the topic that there are no good men for the single ladies anywhere. It's tiresome reading.


Cold Spaghetti said...

I've sent the link to this to a ton of friends... love it!

Vérité Parlant is Nordette Adams said...

Thank you. It's good to toss humor sometimes into subjects over which people stress themselves to no end. I hope a ton of your people visit. LOL :-)