Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Aquarius from Hair via Fifth Dimension: I'm Dating Myself

I'll be turning 50 in less than 10 days. I was born under the sign of Aquarius. But that's not why I love the song Aquarius from the musical Hair, which has been revived on Broadway. I love it because it's so mystical, blooming hope.

Also, it reminds me of happier moments of my youth. My mother took me to the original Hair after the road tours started and I recall the big deal it was back then because at the end the actors get naked on stage.

After blipping the song, I thought how much I love it and tweeted that it's time to get the MP3. The video above is the Fifth Dimensions version, the one that stayed on the radio for a long time when I was a child.

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Thank you, Nordette! I have not heard that in forever. :)