Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Hot John Travolta

I've been seeing the previews for From Paris, With Love, starring John Travolta, and for only one reason have I considered going to see this movie: Travolta, who will be 56 on February 18, is looking mighty tasty. Yes, I know, that's so subjective, but as a woman who recently turned 50, I keep an eye out for how the males in my age-range are holding up.

Folks scrutinize women and judge how they're aging, right? Well, I refuse to be sexist. I think the men need a gander too.

Back in 2008, People Magazine ran a poll that asked whether John Travolta looked better bald or with the black, luxurious locks of his youth. That poll's closed now, of course, but either way, Travolta looks hot to me. However, I favor the bald Travolta these days.

Aside from Travolta's vintage hotness, I'm told by my son that From Paris is a decent movie.


Regina said...

I love John Travolta! It had been amazing watching him grow as an actor. Wow from Welcome Back Kotter, to Saturday Night Fever & Grease to the present has been a very interesting growth and transition process. He has gotten much better with age, and still looks good!

le0pard13 said...

Yep, it is a decent film to watch and enjoy. Travolta looks like he's really enjoying himself in it, too. Thanks, Nordette.

Reggie said...

John Travolta is starting to look like Mr. Clean.