Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm 50, and the Angels Still Sing

Today, my son, 19, returned home from classes at the University of New Orleans, bounded into my bedroom where I was working and said, "So, tomorrow, you'll be over the hill."

I said, "What do you mean? I'm already over the hill." And I laughed.

He said, "Mom, haven't you heard that 50 is the new 40? Everybody knows that the half-way point makes you over the hill."

I grinned, contemplating that ...


lilalia said...

A very happy birthday wish to you! May the year be kind and good and full of joy and laughter. May the winds be fair and your journey home bound. Each person has their perspective upon growing older. For me, 50 was just the new 50 and that was thankfully so. I do hope you are surrounded by love and sunshine on this day.

Stephen B said...

I must say, reaching 50 seemed way less traumatic to me than turning 40. But I am not looking forward to being 60 in a couple months and becoming officially old! I guess I need to start shopping for a rocking chair...